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Phillip Watkins

Phillip Watkins

Degree qualified Naturopath and Homeopath.

Philip is a degree qualified Naturopath and Homeopath.

Philip’s vision is based on the notion that people have the innate ability to help themselves feel healthy.

“True holistic natural medicine practice means that anything can mean everything when it comes to health. The interaction between the systems of the body helps paint the mosaic of who we are as individuals.”

Helping people for almost a decade, Philip Watkins is a degree qualified natural medicine practitioner who specialises in the use of herbal medicine, nutrition and homeopathy.

Over the course of his clinical experience, Philip has developed a passion for the delicate interplay between all the systems of the body. This could relate to how the mind affects the digestion, the digestion affects the immune system or even how the food you eat changes your hormones!

Your treatment will often focus on how these different systems interact, prioritising your prescription to help the system most in need, causing a ripple affect throughout the rest of the body.

As a writer, Philip has been published in national publications associated with Men’s Health magazine and has blogged regularly online. In 2014, Philip ran a Health and Wellness series at Moksha Yoga running regular workshops on subjects ranging from digestive health to inflammation along with his now famous gluten talk. Philip also became a lecturer at Moksha Yoga teaching the nutrition unit with their aspiring yoga teacher trainers.

Philip has also worked with Medibrain, the allied mental health clinic, to make natural medicine open to seriously affected fibromyalgia patients as well as recently helping form part of their neuroplasticity program.

Philip’s passion lies in treating the digestion, auto-immune conditions and all facets of mental health from depression to anxiety and panic attacks.

When not in the clinic, you can find Philip trying to keep up at Crossfit, presenting his famous radio show on Kiss FM Melbourne or preparing for the 2016 launch of his new project, The Help Movement.

Philip also has a keen interest and experience in treating:

Digestive issues: irritable bowel syndrome, bloating and abdominal discomfort, bowel irregularities such as diarrhea and constipation, food allergies, parasitic infections
Skin conditions: eczema, psoriasis, rashes.